Soup French

106 - 40 минут 10 порции

Inspired by Bouillabaisse. The idea is simple - everything is cooked in soup vegetables are crushed with a blender. In this fragrant purest are small pieces of meat. Very tasty and satisfying. Cream no. Roasted there. Fioresi rejoice. The wife loved it.

Ingredients for Soup French

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup French

Шаг 1

Chop the onion and celery root cubes

Шаг 2

Cut the remaining vegetables and root crops

Шаг 3

Throws sliced the stew to chicken.
Add the spices

Шаг 4

How should proverjaem. The vegetables and chicken should be soft

Шаг 5

Cook until cooked :)

Шаг 6

Take out the meat and "terbank" his finely fibers
In a blender, grind the soup with vegetables.
Return the chopped meat.
Add the greens and cook for another few minutes.

Kush yummy and accept praise.