Biscuit with potatoes and chicken

230 - 60 минут 4 порции

There's pie with potatoes and pickled cucumber. It's wonderful pastries. Today I decided with the same filling to make the biscuits. Biscuit with potatoes, chicken, onions and cucumber. Instead of the spicy cucumber I took the soup from Maggi. It includes pickles and condiments with the minimum set of products I got a very tasty, moderately spicy and a beautiful biscuit.

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Ingredients for Biscuit with potatoes and chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Biscuit with potatoes and chicken

Шаг 1

All we will need for the filling of biscuits. Potatoes cut into cubes and cook a little nedbaeva without salt. Onions finely chop. The chicken I took boiled, which was cooked in unsalted water. Cut the pieces small.

Шаг 2

Instead of salty or spicy cucumber I took the soup from Maggi.

Шаг 3

While cooking the potatoes in a saucepan in oil zolotim bow and spread the dressing for the pickle. Do to the maximum evaporation of the liquid. Put in a saucepan the chicken pieces, stir and removed from heat. No condiments did not add, that the pickle is enough of everything: spices, and salt.

Шаг 4

Everything is ready and the contents of the casserole mix with the potatoes. The filling for the biscuits ready.

Шаг 5

Knead the dough. Flour 125 g connected with salt, and poured the yogurt. Began to combine with a fork, then with your hands.

Шаг 6

The rest of the flour put on Board and put there the dough. Shaped ball. If the dough is sticky mix in more flour a little bit.

Шаг 7

Roll the dough to form, and I have d-24 cm you Can bake the biscuits at Protvino.

Шаг 8

Nice pick up the edges and put the biscuits in the preheated oven until t 180 C for 30 minutes. Be guided by your oven.

Шаг 9

Biscuit is ready!