Meatballs with squid in brine gravy

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Very tasty, tender and aromatic meatballs with squid, rice and potatoes with sweet and sour sauce.

Ingredients for Meatballs with squid in brine gravy

Step by step instruction of cooking Meatballs with squid in brine gravy

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1. Cook burgers. Squid and boil the rice in a separate bowl. Squid cook for 1 minute, no more.

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2. Peel the potatoes and grate on a medium grater. Squid cut.

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3. In the bowl of a blender put the grated potatoes, cooked rice, 1 egg, squid, pressed garlic, seasoning for fish, grind in a blender. Then add the salt and breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs add the first 3 tbsp., and then one. The mixture should be thick. It took me 5 tablespoons.

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4. Shape the cutlets. Dip cutlets in beaten egg and coat in breadcrumbs. Put meatballs into oiled baking dish.
If there is egg mixture, whisk again with a fork and finally add in the sauce.

Шаг 5

5. Prepare the gravy. Carrots and onions cleaned and my. Finely chop the onion and fry in vegetable oil until transparent. Add shredded carrots, saute.

Шаг 6

6. With tomatoes remove the skin (dip in boiling water and remove), MNU with a fork and add to zazharku.

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7. Then add the brine to the gas station...

Шаг 8

8... 2 tbsp of tomato ketchup 200 ml water, cream, a pinch of sugar, salt to taste, pepper and Bay leaf. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Шаг 9

9. Heat butter in a pan and fry 1 tablespoon of flour. Then add 100-150 ml of water and stir, remove the pan from the fire, do not give the mass of flour to thicken.

Шаг 10

10. Pour flour mixture into sauté, stir for 2-3 minutes and remove from heat. Add the remaining egg mixture, if she stayed.

Шаг 11

11. Pour the brine and chops evenly distributed zazharkoy. You can decorate the top tomatoes. Put the form with the cakes in a well-heated to 180 C oven for 30 minutes. On top of patties, cover will not close.

Шаг 12

12. Turned out very tender, flavorful meatballs in a sweet and sour gravy. If you have no hand cream, you can substitute sour cream, and better milk (3.5 per cent).
When serving, add the parsley.

Bon appetit!