Roasted garlic arrows

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About vitamins and the benefits of garlic arrows will not write – GOOGLE to help. Just this product is very seasonal : 5-7 days from the appearance and they are not suitable for food – over-ripe, a stiff. But the skeptics (che there is grass garlic: roast Yes freeze) immediately deploy 180 degrees. It's like in the movie "Girls" on the potatoes, just talking about garlic scapes. Just going to list what I tried and prepared himself. Let's get started! First clarify what we are going to eat for the winter, or to eat today. If in the winter, frost, salt, pickle, make a snack, a seasoning for meat. No, no – we want today... Well, also options: soup, vegetable stew, chicken, rice, appetizer – sauce with bacon, grilled. Fried??? Clear. Fried with tomato paste and sour cream, fried with soy sauce, fried with egg, fried with mushroom flavor. With mushroom taste? My favorite

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