Minty mashed green peas

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One of the most famous British dishes. Gentle minty pea puree is often served with the famous "fishandchips "– fish and fried slices of potatoes.

Ingredients for Minty mashed green peas

Step by step instruction of cooking Minty mashed green peas

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Our required products.

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Boil the peas in salted water with three sprigs of mint, about 5 minutes.
Then drain the peas in a sieve and mint remove.

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Place in a blender the peas, the chopped leaves from two sprigs of fresh mint and cream, salt and pepper to taste.
Well to break into a puree.
If there is no blender, peas, you can mash these.

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And here is our mashed potatoes are ready.

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Puree is tasty on a slice of crunchy bread as a classic with potatoes.
Help yourself!
Bon appetit!