Berry trifle

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Trifle is an English dessert that has many variations. I want to share with you the recipe for berry trifle. This amazing dessert I decided to cook on the occasion of the birthday of my beloved husband, our wedding anniversary and 5 months baby, here's a triple holiday))) Turned out incredibly delicious!

Ingredients for Berry trifle

Step by step instruction of cooking Berry trifle

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To prepare this dessert all ingredients should be at room temperature except the cream. The cream must be very cold.

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So, first you need to prepare a sponge cake. Butter and sugar beat with a mixer until OSVETLENIE, then enter one 3 eggs, each time whisk everything with a mixer for 1-2 minutes at high speed. Next, enter the sifted flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar in two stages. First half, then add 60 ml of milk, and at the end of the second half of the dry ingredients. It should be noted that knead with a mixer at low speed.

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Bake at 180C for about 25-30min. The cake turns out very juicy and creamy. By the way, I did not all pour the batter into the form, made of 2/3, and that was enough. And the rest of the dough made 6 small muffins.

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Next, make a custard, I had bags. Do everything according to instructions, 1 bag has about 250ml milk, keep stirring constantly on low heat until thick. Cream the consistency should be like thick cream. After removing from heat, cover the cream with cling film "contact" (i.e., plastic wrap spread directly on the cream to avoid air between them) and leave it to cool down. I made 3 batches, it was enough.

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Impregnation make raspberry jam and brandy.

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Sponge cake cut into thick 1-2cm, and one side generously grease impregnation. Leave for 20 minutes, so that the whole biscuit is well soaked.

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I made my dessert in a large transparent vase on the leg. However, you can use different shape and capacity. The decoration also depends solely on your imagination. You can even bottom not to decorate, you still get very beautiful. All the berries, I washed, dried. Part of the cut strawberry for decoration, the rest cut into quarters.

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Begin to build the trifle: layers spread a little custard, then cake, top with berries and cream again. So I did 2 times, the cream should fill all available space.

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Be sure to leave the edges, because spread on top, whipped to hard peaks, the cream with the icing sugar. For whipping cream, always use very cold cream, and cold dishes. Powdered sugar should be added at the end of the whipping. On top of the cream put the berries and decorate to your taste. Suggest to decorate the trifle before serving and the dessert keep it for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.