Duck legs with vegetables in a slow cooker

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This is not really a recipe and method of cooking is very delicious and complete hot meals with minimal time and dishes!

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Ingredients for Duck legs with vegetables in a slow cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Duck legs with vegetables in a slow cooker

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Duck legs salt and marinate in a mixture of chopped garlic, adzhika, mustard with grains and fruit vinegar. I marinated the day.

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Pickled legs spread on a baking sheet and bake in the oven until Golden brown. I have baked 20 minutes. Like this duck, we still can not handle. Therefore, continue to cook further.

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In the bowl of a slow cooker spread sauerkraut sweet and sour cabbage. Who are not particularly worried about the shape, maybe a little water it fat released during roasting duck.

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For cabbage lay out the pieces of duck.

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Mounted on top of the bowl for cooking for a couple of long for salty potatoes. Close the lid, set the "Quenching", and for an hour forget about lunch.

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Inside the duck is very juicy and soft. The meat itself behind the bone. Cabbage soaked in duck juices and was a perfect complement to the dish! And yet we have young potatoes, which I sprinkled with dill with garlic. And all this delicious prepared almost without my participation!

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We loved it, and You try!

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Bon appetit!