Pickle "Azzolini"

1.2k - 40 минут 6 порции

Mature women Cook And pickle the young maidens Prepare Osolnik! Suddenly the skies brighten On the horizon of the scarlet sails! And young Assol, In the form of Goodies will Feed Solnica long-Awaited Prince! The dish turned out Well, just "AH!" The recipe we will write in verse!

Ingredients for Pickle "Azzolini"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickle "Azzolini"

Шаг 1

Add in cooking
A bit of lyricism,
The kitchen does not
Without romanticism!
Whisper slowly
Ear, friends,
This recipe
A Little Bit Different!
And Kalia – shows
Culinary compass
Modern pickle
Old Russian prototype!
And Kalia is us
You know with you
Always ready
Certainly with the caviar!

Шаг 2

Well, proceed –
Away all the conventions,
We cook the fish
Until soft.
Then take out
And detachable from the bones.
Culinary nuance
Will tell You in your ear –
From flour and eggs
Prepare the mash.
In the broth until may
Potatoes cooked with barley,
And the fish in the chatterbox
In a skillet and fry.
Here for seasoning
Suitable Italian herbs.

Шаг 3

When the soup base
And the fish is ready
We boldly
Join again!
And here,
Culinary magicians,
We add
Refills from MAGGI!
And the smell,
Oh my God, what is it?
This kind of
The quintessence of summer!

Шаг 4

For a few moments before the final
In this cooking game
We run
Cod ROE!

Шаг 5

It took Assol
Only half an hour
Already saw it
In the distance the sails!

She runs with tureen
Narrow lanes,
Until he had gained the Prince
Rival rolls!

Шаг 6

So let this life
The supremacy of the principle :
Each Assol –
Under a separate Prince.