Adjika modern Housewives

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Adjika before, of course, prepared by shaking everything in a mortar or finely chopped with a knife, while admiring the mountains and reflecting on the meaning of life. But modernity dictates its own terms. Less time, more in the kitchen with different equipment. Recipe of adzhika I use more than 10 years. It can be used to buy in the shops, then she disappeared and returned in the form of a substitute, which from I loved adzhika remained, perhaps, only salt... So for many years now, I cook the chutney itself. And often use it in their recipes. Several people in recent days have asked me for the recipe of adzhika. Happy to share.

Ingredients for Adjika modern Housewives

Step by step instruction of cooking Adjika modern Housewives

Шаг 1

Pepper wash, dry, remove the stems, and the seeds save.
Clean the garlic, wash and dry.
Dill wash and dry.

Шаг 2

Coriander and fenugreek is better to use the seeds. But if there will be something you can take ground

Шаг 3

Put all the ingredients into the blender and turn into a homogeneous mass. I love it when the hot sauce retained some grit, so not everything was milled to finish.
Add salt and vinegar, stir

Шаг 4

Banks wash, dry. In clean, dry jars, put the sauce, close the lid and store in the refrigerator.
I have it stored up to two years in the fridge on the door. Not moldy, not spoiled.

Output - 300 grams