Pickled garlic arrows

75 - 30 минут -

For this recipe, we are already not the first year arrows do. Get they are very tasty and a snack and just! The most important thing to use young guns!!!

for Lent

Ingredients for Pickled garlic arrows

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickled garlic arrows

Шаг 1

Arrow (young) wash and cut into 5-7 cm segments
put arrows in a colander, dip them for 30 seconds in hot water, and then rinse with ice water.
At the bottom of the sterilized jars put a piece of hot pepper and fill the jar with arrows.

Шаг 2

boil water with sugar and salt, remove from heat and pour in the vinegar.
Banks pour the hot marinade, roll up.
Inverted banks. upside down, leave overnight.
Store in a cool place.