Beets in milk sauce

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Dear friends, I love beets! Recipe for you to sample even offer! Garnish our kind of unusual, but with fish and toast will be fine! And he said to the bird is always useful! And with a simple bread to enjoy! And the meat is wonderful in and of itself! Someone like maybe in the family! The flavor is delicate and creamy, of course! Beets with Bechamel is so perfect!

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Ingredients for Beets in milk sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Beets in milk sauce

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Beets boiled or roasted, cut into large cubes, strips or cubes as you like (only on a grater shred)

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Prepare the Bechamel sauce: take a saucepan (this size, so it fits not only the sauce, but the beets), put the butter, melt it over medium heat

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Then pour all the flour at once and actively disturbing, brew it for 20-30 seconds.

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Then begin to add hot (previously bring it almost to a boil) milk - just a couple tablespoons. It does not cease to interfere, the mixture became homogeneous.

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The result is completely homogeneous mass, which is the consistency of thick porridge.

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Continue adding the hot milk, stirring the sauce, only now to boldly pour it little by little. Pour the remaining milk and stirring continuously, allow sauce to poboltatj quiet for about 20 seconds.
At the end add salt and nutmeg. Taste for salt - the sauce should be slightly salty, since the beet itself is sweet.

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Without removing the pan from the heat (I moved to take a picture), put the cubes of beets.

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Stir and bring contents to a simmer, that is just warmed and has had time to cool the beets.

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Beets in milk sauce is ready. Delicious and warm, and cold. A good side dish to meat dishes or a completely separate dish for lovers of vegetables with delicate sauces. Again, it will appeal to those who like a quiet, brightly expressed taste, just creamy and soft - a good combination.

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Bon appetit!