Butter rolls with strawberry jam

98 - 10 минут 4 порции

Another great Breakfast! Sweet creamy filling with sweet strawberry jam in a crispy sugar ruletika! Easy, simple, quick and of course delicious!

Ingredients for Butter rolls with strawberry jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Butter rolls with strawberry jam

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This recipe used tortillas, but you can use thin pita bread. First, each tortilla is covered with a layer of cream cheese, then a layer of jam. On each tortilla, distribute one tablespoon cream cheese and one tablespoon of jam. The jam in this recipe strawberry, it was made in advance as follows: strawberries covered with sugar, let stand until the strawberries begin to release juice and then on the stove - you need the strawberries to a boil and add corn starch, then stir and remove from heat. Berries can be left whole, but can be a bit to suppress or pre-cut into halves-quarters. You can add vanilla sugar or vanilla essence.

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Turn tortilla with the filling in the rolls.

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In an oblong container, mix sugar with cinnamon.

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Fry the rolls in a pan till crisp from both sides, pressing down slightly. It is better to use oil, at least a little, it is necessary for the next step.

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Hot transfer rolls to cinnamon-sugar mixture, coat it on both sides.

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Can be served!