Bread "Shompolnye"

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Rather, it is not even a recipe, and cooking method. Now the summer holidays, and what to do if you went away for a few days "savages" and you run out of bread? Properly, use the products that are out there with you and have a "shompolnye" bread! And children who don't know what to do outdoors, you can bring to the process.

Ingredients for Bread "Shompolnye"

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread "Shompolnye"

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Shompolnye bread was invented by the soldiers of any war (even the ubiquitous Internet did not answer me what I have always believed that the civil war between North and South) - when it was hungry, but there was flour, water and the desire to eat. Then mix a simple dough, wound on a spit and baked over charcoal.
Everything is very plain. Products the most common, the dough a little shortened in connection with a camp-field conditions. Products, of course, took "by eye".
So, warm water, sugar and yeast first go to a bowl. Allow the yeast to disperse just a couple of minutes.

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Roll bun, slightly greased with sunflower oil, cover with film and leave to approach the sun. Or, if the day is cloudy on the stones of the hearth. The dough rasslaivetsa 30-40 minutes or until "enough already, the coals are ready!" :)

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Then take a skewer or a suitable stick (it was originally a pine stick with a knot on the end to remove the pot from the heat, I had sanded, so that the crust does not fall into the pot, and then the idea came with the bread). In front of the fire spun from a test harness (the harness is shorter and thinner, the quicker to cook) and wrapped our makeshift "ramrod". No grease needed, the bread is removed perfectly.

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And bake over coals for 30-45 minutes, periodically turning.

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Give a little to cool to be able to take a hand, and, turning, gently remove with a stick. One bread, that will never be rented, so it took a bit of resinous pine aroma. The bread remains soft and on the second day.
And, of course, the options can be a little sprinkle with cinnamon (sugar is not advised - it will burn), your favorite spices, coriander, cumin... We just ate braised in wine with bacon. And "dessert" - tea shompolnye bread and condensed milk :)
A good rest and Bon appetit! :)