Warm salad with grilled zucchini

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When shashlik already stuffed, and grilled the meat is left to cook well here's a salad - delicious and low-calorie salad with zucchini, salted cucumbers and chicken breast grilled!

Ingredients for Warm salad with grilled zucchini

Step by step instruction of cooking Warm salad with grilled zucchini

Шаг 1

Zucchini cut into thin noodles (if such devices do not, you can cut into thin slices);

Шаг 2

Sprinkle with flour and fry in preheated pan with oil, until light crunch;

Шаг 3

To the zucchini add the cucumber into thin slices, onion - thin half-rings and slice warm meat;

Шаг 4

Mix well, put on plate, add cherry tomatoes, sprinkle with pepper, chopped herbs and season with olive oil and soy sauce;

Шаг 5

Bon appetit!