Cellophane with pepper

105 - 30 минут 4 порции

In the summer, when the abundance of vegetables, you should cook one of these. Do not overload funchoza chicken or meat, modest add enough pepper for a delicious salad. Help yourself.

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Ingredients for Cellophane with pepper

Step by step instruction of cooking Cellophane with pepper

Шаг 1

Funchoza pour boiling water for 4 minutes.
Drain the water and fill with cold water for 5 minutes
rinse and drain in a sieve.

Шаг 2

Peel the onion and cut into half rings.

Шаг 3

Put onions in boiling vegetable oil
and immediately lower the heat to minimum.
Add the paprika, mix well.

Шаг 4

Peppers wash, cut into thin and long strips.
Chile cut into thin rings.

Шаг 5

Put the peppers to the onions,
allow the fire to fry a couple of minutes, stirring.
Pour in the soy sauce. Fry another 5 minutes on medium heat.

Шаг 6

Garlic peel and pound, add to funtcase.
Put the hot vegetables and coriander. Mix well.
To rectify of salt and sugar. Let stand.
Like all Korean meals, this salad will taste better
on the second or third day, although hot and also delicious.