A light dinner of chicken or Turkey

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Actually it's not even a recipe, and the idea of how you can simplify your cooking dinner, while it is varied and delicious and, of course, useful. The fact that I have friends who, well, do not like cooking. For them it is a torment and suffering, and "again to Martin". So, for them, or just for busy people or for mothers with multiple children (hint ;) ) there is such magic wand. The idea is very simple. Happy to share it with you! Let's start to cook?!

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Ingredients for A light dinner of chicken or Turkey

Step by step instruction of cooking A light dinner of chicken or Turkey

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In General, here are two recipes instead of one. I just take a village chicken, cut it into pieces, skin and excess fat (we eat, you can keep as like).
The portion for the soup. And fleshy pieces make such workpiece.
The first option we have is under the code name "chicken curry". It will require actual chicken, any part thereof (or Turkey), natural yogurt (substitute Greek or any other with no additives), spice, curry, garlic and salt.

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Squeeze the garlic through the masher, put in yogurt, spices and salt there, mix.

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Take the zip-package (I have from IKEA), we add back in our chicken and the marinade to the yogurt. Stir. Put into the fridge. There she can dwell up to 3 days. A minimum of 4 hours to marinated meat.

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Bake in the oven at 180 degrees or on the "quenching" 1 hour in slow cooker.

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Here is the meat is juicy inside with rogovenko, outside yellowish. Healthy, tasty and very easy!

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And part of the chicken we have in Italian. Again, put the parts the chickens in a zip package. There we cut a couple of tomatoes.

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200 grams of mozzarella

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Salt, pepper and Italian herbs mix. Butter a little...

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Mix thoroughly and put into the fridge. All the same - from 4 hours to 3 days. Really convenient?

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And then quickly in duhovochku and while preparing the salad/side dish while you get ready for the day after work, or do I put in the oven and go for a walk with the youngest for 40 minutes-an hour... 180 degrees, the form to cover with foil for easier washing, and a little time. A tasty and healthy dinner is ready!