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The Azerbaijan cuisine. Chicken stuffed with nuts. It's my specialty. Our family love him very much. Serves both cold and hot.

Ingredients for Lavangi

Step by step instruction of cooking Lavangi

Шаг 1

Nuts crushed (not too finely that you can feel when you eat them). Red onion remove skin, chop, put in a gauze and squeeze the juice. Then in a frying pan lightly fry onion on medium heat without oil.
During this time, grind in the food processor (and scissors). The food processor is sour plums, processed and dried in the plate. Fill it with warm water and allow to soften. From time to time to mix it up, if you need water, add (not cold, cold water will soften the food processor). Softening to form a slurry.

In a bowl pour the nuts, onion, ghee, salt, pepper, and mush.

Mix well. Taste. The mixture should be salty-sour-bitter.