Cottage cheese-Apple pie with dried cranberries

166 - 60 минут -

Tender, very tasty pie with a nice Apple-cranberry tartness. Delicious hot or cold! Recommend!

Ingredients for Cottage cheese-Apple pie with dried cranberries

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese-Apple pie with dried cranberries

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Cranberries wash and drain on a paper towel.

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Separate eggs into whites and yolks. Proteins with a pinch of salt whisk until peaks, gradually adding half the sugar. With the second half and vanilla sugar beat the egg yolks until whitening.

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From orange squeeze juice, mix with a tablespoon of lemon. Apples - 2 pieces, cut into slices, and one - cubes. Cranberries and apples are folded into a mixing bowl and pour the resulting juice. Leave for 20 minutes.

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To the cheese mixture, add the yolk mass, semolina, buckwheat flour, apples, cut into cubes (without juice), a little prisolit and mix well. Then gently stir the parts of the proteins, as in sponge cake, bottom up.
Form of grease with butter, sprinkle with semolina and pour the mixture.

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Apples, cut into slices, gun it into the dough between apples and cranberries. And put in the oven at 190 degrees for 35-40 minutes, until Golden brown on the cheese.
As the casserole is ready, open the oven door and leave it there for another 15-20 minutes to get it settled