A summer sorrel soup

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Well, it got really hot, and certainly not the first week. Already stuffed and okroshka on kvass and kefir, beetroot soup and Botvinnik, and in General almost all. The next time you thinking that used to create out of the soup "under the heat" remember sorrel. About the sorrel summer. Is it "summer" and "winter", of course this is all IMHO and according to my classification. Summer differs from winter fat. Summer cooked in light broth and lean meat, winter on the contrary, cooked fatty broth and fatty meat, I call it the winter "greetings from summer". Summer is a huge plus, it is very pleasant to eat cold, though hot and he's gorgeous. Just say, is not coy in the least claim to originality of the recipe, and as soon as the soups of sorrel is not called, but in principle it does not matter, I share my simple and proven long-term prescription. Mego it simple and always turns out and everyone and does not require anything tricky.

Ingredients for A summer sorrel soup

Step by step instruction of cooking A summer sorrel soup

Шаг 1

The broth I do not cook every time I cook it in advance with the stock when the accumulate enough bones and scraps. When typed on 5-6 gallons then boil in a pressure cooker (which would have been faster) poured it on trays and freeze. When you need it simply take out of the freezer. Cook here it is, previously cooked in a pan but the last time I adapted to the pressure cooker, comes out faster and taste better.

Шаг 2

Well, take a saucepan and put "portions" of the block of frozen broth. Put it on the stove.

Шаг 3

Until it melts and is boiling, cut the meat, beef. For a summer take of lean beef, without fat, what would the cold soup was delicious. Cut not big, a bit smaller than the goulash.

Шаг 4

In the end, we get a charm. Here only 700 grams, although it seems more. Too much meat is not needed here.

Шаг 5

Well, until we cut the broth has begun to boil. Fry the meat.

Шаг 6

Wait until boil

Шаг 7

Skim off the foam, it is very small, as the broth is ready and filtered when cooking a lean meat, almost foam does not, the fact that the photo is all foam.

Шаг 8

Leave boil, boil for quite a long time, depends on the "age" of meat. 10-15 minutes for the small pieces of meat and prepared very quickly. I wrote what would someone thread by accident out of habit sow meat platter accidentally as a pound piece of meat an hour is not cooked.

Шаг 9

While the meat is cooking cut the potatoes. Cut as someone comfortable.

Шаг 10

And put it in the pan. After 10 or 15 minutes. Meat try on the tooth, once it is clear when it is almost ready.

Шаг 11

Until starts boil the potatoes we cut a carrot with a bow, just meanwhile, cut the potatoes in half is ready.

Шаг 12

Well, can you have if Mego hungry.

Шаг 13

While cooking we slowly cut the sorrel, the main product. Well, for one give myself a bit.

Шаг 14

Well, indulge yourself, the carrot on the tooth is ready, start the sorrel.

Шаг 15

Yes, Yes, not whisk.

Шаг 16

Now, before the egg, the final alignment for salt and add peppercorn and Bay leaf, you can not add, as they say on taste and color...

Шаг 17

Now arrange a storm in a saucepan. Clockwise, although it can be against.

Шаг 18

And pour it into the egg.

Шаг 19

Delicate and slowly!

Шаг 20

Turn off the heat and leave to "marry" for at least half an hour.