Porridge "5 cereal" Yorkshire pudding

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How to spice up your morning porridge? So tasty and unusual? I propose to apply it in edible "plate" of the Yorkshire pudding!

Ingredients for Porridge "5 cereal" Yorkshire pudding

Step by step instruction of cooking Porridge "5 cereal" Yorkshire pudding

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Ingredients for 1 big portion.

The first thing you need to cook Yorkshire pudding. For this egg, salt and milk, whisk whisk

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Add the flour and stir until smooth to avoid lumps

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The dough was liquid, as for pancakes

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Form plentifully grease with oil and pour the batter in here.

I cooked the pudding in the pan portion with a diameter of 14.5 cm. This amount of dough was just enough for 1 pudding of this size

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Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and put the pudding. After some time you will see the edges will rapidly rise and the pudding will rapidly increase in size. The oven should not be opened, otherwise it will settle. Bake pudding until Golden brown (about 15 minutes)

Yorkshire puddings can be baked a small size muffins cups. Whatever baking pan you choose, pour the batter no more than 1/4 the height of the form to the pudding was room to grow.

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The peculiarity of it is that he is in the process of priobretaet the form of plates. That is, it greatly rises, and the middle is not. As soon as you get it in the oven, it will settle slightly. Is this normal

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While baking the pudding cook porridge. I decided to cook healthy porridge "5 cereal" cereal Mistral.

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Heat milk to boiling, stir in cereal, salt and sugar, cook while stirring for 3-5 minutes, until porridge thickens

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Prepare caramelized apples. In a pan heat oil, add apples, diced, sugar, and cinnamon

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Cook over high heat about 5 minutes, until the sugar turn into caramel

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In the finished Yorkshire pudding put the hot porridge on top of it put the apples. The kind of Breakfast is perfect strong coffee with spices!