Night oatmeal "Mocha"

188 - 10 минут 2 порции

Night oatmeal is a convenient way of cooking Breakfast. Just enough in the evening to mix the ingredients and clean up the oatmeal in the fridge until morning. I suggest to try the oatmeal with the taste "Mocha" is the porridge and coffee "in one". All simple, but tasty and impressive!

Ingredients for Night oatmeal "Mocha"

Step by step instruction of cooking Night oatmeal "Mocha"

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For the measurement of ingredients I used a glass with a volume of 250 ml.
Coffee needs to be cooked in advance and let cool slightly. It can be espresso or other freshly brewed coffee.

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The ingredients are calculated for 2 servings, respectively, divide in half.
Two glasses (or jars) and pour an equal amount of rolled oats and cocoa powder. Add the chocolate, grated. I used the finished candy nibs. Mix the dry ingredients.

Шаг 3

Pour in the milk, honey (you can substitute maple syrup) and warm coffee.

Шаг 4

Over night oats swelled considerably increased in volume, having absorbed the aroma of coffee and honey.
To "Refine" Breakfast can enjoy before serving, decorate the Bunting with a cap of whipped cream.