Cottage cheese-oatmeal dessert "Lakomka"

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Delicate, airy, flavorful treat in the morning lifts the mood on a 100 points! I invite You to try this dessert, that gloomy autumn day Your mood was above the sun!

Ingredients for Cottage cheese-oatmeal dessert "Lakomka"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese-oatmeal dessert "Lakomka"

Шаг 1

Pumpkin wash, peel, cut into pieces, sprinkle 2 teaspoons of sugar and bake in the oven at 180C for 20 minutes.

Шаг 2

While the pumpkin is baking, make a base for dessert.
Cookies grind into a fine crumb. The blender is great to deal with it.

Шаг 3

Add to the crumbs with melted butter and carefully RUB.

Шаг 4

Vystelim received crumbs oil the bottom of a split shape with a diameter of 20 cm.
The basis for a future dessert ready.

Шаг 5

Going to do the most important.
Milk in a saucepan and put on fire. In boiling milk put the remaining sugar, cinnamon, cereal.
Cook porridge 10 minutes, until the flakes this well will not boil soft.

Шаг 6

In a large bowl mix the prepared porridge, cheese, sour cream, cranberries, roasted pumpkin, honey. And punched all the ingredients into a puree immersion blender.

Шаг 7

The resulting mass put into the form on the basis of cookies, level.
Cover with cling film and refrigerate overnight.