Cereal porridge with dried apricots and nuts

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Since Breakfast starts the day for almost everyone. But we all know that as the day begins, so spend it! Therefore the first meal should be light but filling. Best dish - porridge. But just a mess every day is, at least, is boring and will quickly become boring. Let's try to diversify it a little, but leave most useful. I propose to try my recipe, to cook quickly and easily. Recipe more diet, but if desired it can be and more "butter" to do. You are welcome for Breakfast!

Ingredients for Cereal porridge with dried apricots and nuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Cereal porridge with dried apricots and nuts

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Dried apricots finely chop. Pour 100 ml of juice, add 100 ml of water and honey. Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat until thick. Depending on the species and humidity of the dried apricot of time will require more or less.

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Until cooked porridge, a separate container to boil the cream. The fat content can take any, but you can milk.

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Hot cream ready to pour in cereal and mix well. Cover the pot of porridge cover and let stand. The longer, the thicker.

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I had soft dried apricots, cooked it by the time all the manipulations with the mess.

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The dish is ready. Now collect it and Wake up everyone who has not yet woken up to Breakfast!

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