Delicious Pollock for a couple

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Important in Pollock is to buy a good fish. If you are lucky, and the fish is purchased fresh and not frozen, even the steam fish is tasty and tender. But this recipe still juicy.

Ingredients for Delicious Pollock for a couple

Step by step instruction of cooking Delicious Pollock for a couple

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I cut up the fish into fillets yourself, but you can take the finished fillet. Skin save.
Sprinkle each fillet with lemon juice and season with soy sauce.

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Sprinkle the fish with chopped dill. On the wide side put a piece of frozen butter.

Шаг 3

Roll the fillets in the roll, fasten with toothpick.

Шаг 4

On each roll place a thin slice of lemon and a couple Bay leaves.

In the cooking process, so the rolls are not reversed, you can wrap them in foil

Шаг 5

Cook in the steamer for 20-25 minutes. It turns out tasty and dieting. Butter gives richness, dill and soy sauce flavor. Try!