Pickled beet tops

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Been collecting leftover beet trivia today together with tops. And freezer, as luck would have it scored, and throw just a pity the tops and cook from it - the fridge is full, decided to preserve, besides I read somewhere that you can thus save this useful piece of beet. In the soup.

Ingredients for Pickled beet tops

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickled beet tops

Шаг 1

The tops wash

Шаг 2

I banks are not sterilized, usually well my hot water, and so scalded with boiling water and left it for five minutes, I have a cellar, where the seaming is excellent cost, but you can sterilise as you prefer

Шаг 3

Tops sliced as you prefer

Шаг 4

And fill banks

Шаг 5

In each jar add chopped garlic (garlic melechim due to the fact that the contents of the jar then goes in the soup)

Шаг 6

Add to each jar vinegar (I have a pint of banks and in each I added 2 tablespoons of vinegar) and pour the hot brine (water + salt). Closed banks

Шаг 7

Due to the vinegar soup, which will add the seam will retain their bright color. You can add in the soup and cabbage, but you can just seaming plus beets and carrots. In any case, it should be delicious.