Bruschetta with cod liver

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Bruschetta (Italian. bruschetta or less bruschetto from bruscare to roast over coals (in Romanesque dialect)) — traditional Central Italian vernacular dish (which has analogs in other regions), in our time — appetizer-antipasto before the main meals dishes to "raise the appetite". A distinctive feature of bruschetta sandwich or toast the slices of bread pre-dry before roasting (grill, the grill or in a frying pan without oil). Ideal for cooking bruschetta ciabatta suitable (Wikipedia). In the vast territories of our Motherland Italian recipes find a new life and freedom. So we experimented, experimented and was born a number of new recipes, Brockett. And since today's topic - pickles "6 acres," we still have something to show and tell!!!

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Ingredients for Bruschetta with cod liver

Step by step instruction of cooking Bruschetta with cod liver

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Pick up the ingredients. Cook the egg, open the jars with cucumbers and cod liver, wash the parsley, tomato, rinse the capers.

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Cod liver of MNU with a fork, but not to the condition of the paste must stay pieces, boiled egg grate on a fine grater, parsley and discharge the coarse stems, the gherkins cut into rings, capers just melechim.

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The tomatoes were bought the most "beef heart". And smell and taste! They cut plates.

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Mix liver and finely rubbed the egg.