Liver pate with pickled cucumbers

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Roll with liver pate and top with a slice of pickled cucumber - this was my favorite sandwich as a child... a Wonderful combination, which I now transformed into a versatile snack. It can be applied in salads, in pita bread, at a fast food eclairs, and just spread on a piece of bread... Any this will take a worthy place even on the holiday table and cooking does not take much time.

Ingredients for Liver pate with pickled cucumbers

Step by step instruction of cooking Liver pate with pickled cucumbers

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Chicken liver thoroughly washed, coarsely chop and quickly fry without drying. Peel the onion, chop, fry on medium heat, not much frying. Of course, you can combine the liver and onion and fry at the same time, but I like separately.

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Pickled cucumbers finely chop and add to paste, stir.
I use pickles TM "6 acres" "crunchy Cucumbers".
Add in fresh ground black pepper, salt (if necessary).

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For example I want to show the option of filing liver pate with pickled cucumbers in salads. In the tartlet put a leaf of lettuce, fill it with the paste, sprinkle with chopped greens. Elegant and very tasty!