The rules of cooking biscuit

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Often I hear the phrase that someone not get a biscuit. Cooking biscuit dough in fact, the process is not very complicated. But in order to get a high, fluffy sponge cake you need to follow some rules. There are two ways of cooking biscuit dough: divided into whites and yolks and not sharing. The second method is simpler and more suitable for not very experienced chef. A bit of diligence and effort and you'll have a great blank cake.

Ingredients for The rules of cooking biscuit

Step by step instruction of cooking The rules of cooking biscuit

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For the shortbread you will need the following equipment: mixer, bowl for whipping, whisk, detachable form for baking. They should be clean and dry.

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The products temperature should be below room. You can get eggs from the refrigerator and place them in a bowl of hot water so they are slightly heated, thereby reduce the time of the whipping, and mass will be magnificent.

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First, beat the eggs on low speed, gradually increasing.

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After the volume of the eggs increased, begin to pour the sugar in stages, and continue to whisk the mass with a mixer.

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The result of whisking the eggs with the sugar mass become white, will become fluffy and light, its volume will increase in 5-6 times. This fact should be considered when selecting containers for whipping. I bowl 2 litres.

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Whipping time depends on the capacity of the mixer. The process of beating it can take from 4 to 10 minutes. I mass whipped for 5 minutes. Willingness and fluffy check as follows: hold your finger on the surface and, if there is a groove in it and it quickly disappears, therefore whipped up weight ready to add flour.

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In the preparation of this classic sponge cake requires no baking powder. Eggs are whipped with a mechanical disintegrator. The flour before adding the pre-need to sift, to saturate it with oxygen, and to exclude impurities. The flour is added not all at once, but in small portions. Rim should be rotated in the same direction, as if picking up the dough from the bottom up. Once the flour has intervened, the kneading process should be stopped.

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Baking sponge cake is better to take a split. There are different ways to prepare form. You can lightly grease the bottom and sides of form with butter and sprinkle with flour. I usually just at the bottom put a circle of parchment paper (preferably siliconized) if the ordinary parchment, it is advisable to grease it with oil. Spread the finished biscuit dough in the form, level and immediately put it in the oven.. the First 15-20 minutes the oven door should not be opened, otherwise the cake will sink.
For the sponge cake 4 eggs suitable form d=20-22 see

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Pre-the oven must be heated to 180 gr. The form with the dough to put on the average level. As ovens are all different, follow the baking process. If the cake starts to burn, then it is necessary to reduce the temperature to 160 or cover the form with foil.

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Baking time depends on the thickness of the biscuit. I had it ready in 30 minutes. Readiness is determined by the presence of Golden brown. And you can also check by sticking a toothpick into the middle of the product, and if it is dry, then the sponge is ready.

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Once the cake has cooled, hold a sharp knife between the walls of the mold and the product. The disclosed form, the detachable bottom and remove the paper. I got the biscuit with a height of 4.5 cm
When cutting fresh biscuit does not crumble, it is aged at least 8 hours.

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The finished cake cut into 2-3 cake impregnated with syrup and sandwich fillings, cream or jam. To cut a cake the long knife with a wavy blade.