Dumplings "camping"

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I want to tell is not about how to sculpt dumplings and how to cook them so that you can take with you camping. Because to maintain a decent view of the hot dumplings in a thermos for a long time - not an easy task. However, a couple of manipulations and dumplings in perfect condition. Sleight of hand and no moshenstva

Ingredients for Dumplings "camping"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dumplings "camping"

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In a bowl pour oil and your favorite sauce, stir. Put the correct dumplings, gently stir. Leave a little to stand up, so the oil better friend some dumplings.

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By this time the wrong we have cooked until tender. They also put in the thermos.

Шаг 3

I cried when the computer saw this fuzzy photo. Focus somehow took the land, not the dumplings. But it still shows that the dumplings are whole and not sticky.

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Now, you are ready to go. During the new year holidays you can safely go into the woods to slide. You will not be ashamed in front of your friends when you decide to treat their hot dumplings. And they are very grateful.