Sesame fried

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You like sesame seeds? Try it fry, it is very simply and quickly. The main thing to observe a few simple rules. Roasted sesame seeds can be eaten with a spoon, and add to vegetable salads, natural yogurt, breading for stir-frying, etc. And what a delicious batch turns out with the same sesame!

Ingredients for Sesame fried

Step by step instruction of cooking Sesame fried

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Sesame. The first rule is that the sesame seeds should be fresh. Buying sesame seeds in bulk be sure to try it out, it should not taste bitter!
Roasting the sesame seeds will need a frying pan with a thick bottom on the pan with a thin bottom are more likely to burn the sesame seeds. I roast a Cup (200 ml) sesame seeds in a frying pan diameter 20 cm fry a small amount of sesame oil, when heated, it may start to jump out of the frying pan. Moreover, roasted sesame seeds well stored in a closed jar for quite a long time.
So, spread the sesame seeds on a cold pan.

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Put the pan with the sesame seeds on medium heat. On high heat the sesame seeds will burn at a very weak time of roasting markedly increase. Set a timer for 10 minutes.

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One minute wait until pan heats up. The second minute we begin to constantly stir the sesame seeds with a spatula. It is convenient to take silicone spatula.

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Place fully cooled sesame seeds in a jar with a tight lid and use as needed.
Here are a few examples of the use of roasted sesame seeds.