Egg-creamy pate with pecans

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Tender and flavorful pate of butter TM "Itself", boiled eggs, fried onions, pecans and garlic. This is a great cold snack, which is useful for both everyday and festive table.

Ingredients for Egg-creamy pate with pecans

Step by step instruction of cooking Egg-creamy pate with pecans

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With reliable products to prepare a pleasure. They will not fail, they guarantee results and it is butter TM "Itself has become one of the most popular in each family. Therefore, for the preparation of the pate I took a butter TM "Itself".

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Put on to cook hard boiled eggs.
Meanwhile, in the appropriate volume of frying pan, pour 50 ml of vegetable oil and put in 50 grams of butter TM "Itself".

Шаг 3

When the oil warms up, add the peeled and roughly chopped onions.

Шаг 4

Cook onion on medium heat, stirring occasionally, until a pleasant glow. Strongly fry do not need - enough to soften.

Шаг 5

Peel boiled eggs and cut into arbitrary pieces.

Шаг 6

In a container for whipping put sliced boiled eggs, pecans, onions (along with oil, in which it is roasted), salt and pepper to taste. Also add the peeled garlic.

Шаг 7

Penetration of blender all components of egg-butter spread. Literally for half a minute get a smooth and soft mass.

Шаг 8

Put the egg-creamy pate into a suitable storage dishes, allow to cool completely and put in the refrigerator.

Шаг 9

Smooth and uniform egg-creamy pate will be particularly impressive to look at slices of bread or slices of white bread, if you isolate it using a pastry bag with an appropriate cap.

Bon appetit!