Quick creamy Jasmine rice in microwave

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Usually I cook rice the microwave. Always turns out crumbly. And it's really simple and fast. Tried Jasmine in bags for cooking. And fell in love with the taste. Then on one famous English chef told about one secret ingredient. I have used his advice when cooking in the microwave. I suggest to try that out.

Ingredients for Quick creamy Jasmine rice in microwave

Step by step instruction of cooking Quick creamy Jasmine rice in microwave

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Prepare foods: rice, butter, vegetable oil, Jasmine tea bag, salt.

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Pour the rice into a container for the microwave. Pour the boiling water. Add salt and vegetable oil. Mix.
And now (TA-da-a-am!) add the secret ingredient: a bag of green tea with Jasmine. Just remember to remove the iron brackets if they are there.
To liquid during cooking, "ran" swipe the inside of the pots with stripes of butter.
Cook for 10 min at a power of 600 Watts. Stir the rice, continue to cook for another 5 minutes.
Add butter, stir to melt.
Leave the rice under the lid for another 10 minutes "to breathe".

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Serve as a side dish to the main course.
Bon appetit!