Raffini leavened with apricot jam

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These amazing buns - a kind of symbiosis of croissants and muffins. Delicate, airy! Don't fall in love with them is simply impossible! Offer you the option of cooking in sourdough. The filling for griffinov you can choose to your taste — vanilla cream, pudding, caramel, marmalade...

Ingredients for Raffini leavened with apricot jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Raffini leavened with apricot jam

Шаг 1

Melt 50 g of butter. By the way, baking with butter, HM "Itself" is simply wonderful. Delicious, air.

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Starter culture for the preparation of these rolls should be very strong. It can advance to "feeding", that is to feed several times in a row. To the starter at the peak of activity to pour the water. Mix to dissolve sourdough in water. Add the egg, sugar, vanilla extract, salt, milk, melted butter, flour and mix well. Covering with cling film, leave for autolysis 30 minutes. Well knead the dough until smooth. It gives a very pleasant, easy to work with. Does not stick to hands, but not too steep.
I use the fifth year Starter for Raymond Calwell 2 days.
The link is not the recipe I give at the end of the recipe.

Шаг 3

Cover the bowl with the dough with cling film and leave for two hours at a temperature of 30-35 degrees.

Шаг 4

Butter for lamination divided into 6 pieces of 20 g each, and leave at room temperature.

Шаг 5

The dough should increase in volume.

Шаг 6

Divide the dough into 6 pieces, roll into balls. Cover with cling film and leave for 10 minutes.

Шаг 7

Roll each bun in a thin layer (you can use a pasta sheet machine).

Шаг 8

Apply a thin layer of butter at room temperature. Easier to do it by hand, not to tear thinly rolled dough.

Шаг 9

Roll on the short side in a roll, pulling out to the edges. Roll to roll hands, slightly extending it. Cover with cling film, and thus to make 5 more rolls.

Шаг 10

Sprinkled with flour knife, cut the rolls lengthwise into two parts. The upper layers are better for cutting the tip of a knife, and the bottom - all blade.

Шаг 11

Roll each half of the cochlea so that below the incision was from the top.

Шаг 12

Fold in the muffin tin.

Шаг 13

Cover with cling film and leave to rise at room temperature overnight. Of course, it all depends on the air temperature and its humidity. The dough should increase in volume by 2.5 times.

Шаг 14

Bake buns in a preheated 180 degree oven for 20 minutes. If there are strong reddening, it is possible to cover with foil.

Шаг 15

Slightly cooled buns and fill them with jam. I have an apricot. Very tasty and strawberry, and with any other filling of your taste.