Quail a La "Stifado"

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I managed to buy a few pounds of quail. I must say that the stores haven't seen them for a long time. In almost at once they were roasted and cooked in the sleeve, and at the weekend decided to Tinker and to cook something interesting. Those who do not like to bother with small stones, can not see a recipe for those who love to savor-you are welcome.

Ingredients for Quail a La "Stifado"

Step by step instruction of cooking Quail a La "Stifado"

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Here are all the products that we will need for the recipe (except the onion)

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Here is one of the heroines of our recipe

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Cut the breast of our bird and lay it on a Board, cover with a bag and studiously repulse her, in order to soften a little, but try not to damage the integrity.

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Here they are ready for the next step.

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Then add all of the marinade. Soy sauce is optional, I always use Kikkoman, because the sauce is natural and contains no unpleasant surprises. Next come all the other spices, really everyone chooses their favorite. For me favorite -chili pepper (cut it into rings, it is enough half, as curry and sauce themselves quite spicy), curry and turmeric.

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Carefully beat in the whole set into a bird and put into the fridge for 4 hours. As always, the longer the product is in the marinade, the better. Soy sauce helps soften meat and poultry especially.

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Now in a pan pour a little vegetable oil and fry a couple minutes on each side. And while fried, onion peel and cut into 4 pieces each.

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Now putting everything into a roasting pan. First bow him the bird and top with the remaining onions. On top pour the remaining marinade and a little water. Include low heat and stew for hours 2-2,5 periodically to see if the sauce boils away, add again some water. After 2.5 hours, our dish is ready. Serve and...

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Bon appetit!

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The photo quality is not very. Photographed with a phone. Bow turns into a sauce, full flavors from all the spices. The side dish can be mashed potatoes as I have, or something that you love. The quail are very tender, meat separated from the bones.