Burgers "Surprise"

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Dear Cooks! Do you think that the meat with fish in one dish incongruous? But it is not! Offer to Your attention the recipe of mouth-watering pancakes. Prepare quick, budget... the Taste is extraordinary! Come on in, help yourself! The more joyous the occasion is - yesterday I assigned a level 4! The cakes bake so treated, than can! :))

Ingredients for Burgers "Surprise"

Step by step instruction of cooking Burgers "Surprise"

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The original recipe is pangasius fillet, but zhirnenky abdomen of this fish cutlets gives a specific taste. After experimenting with other types of fish, stopped at the Pollock. The main thing is to buy fillet, dry-frozen, where almost no water.

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Defrost fillets, wash, dry with paper towel and CUT! small cube.

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Onion and pork mince.

Шаг 4

Mix the fish, onion with meat. Add eggs, mayonnaise, starch ( it may need more. All depends on frozen fish). Then add salt, pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly and send "make friends" in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.

Шаг 5

Then fry in the pan, spreading a tablespoon.

Шаг 6

The result is that such tasty cakes-pancakes!