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Pancake "Cake-pie"


What a long time did not eat pancakes, and here in the store I saw the quinces that you did not eat never in my life and immediately remembered Katushkina pancakes with quince, in General, everything is very well worked out for pancakes. But sweet husband does not eat, and he matured so here is a savory pie of pancakes. Cupcake – because it has a cake – because one single entity ))) Delicate, thin pancakes stuffed with ham, eggs, cheese, herbs and cream cheese with pickles. You can just all of it wrapped in a pancake, warm and will be almost the same effect, but if done beautifully, you can give almost festive Sabbath savory husband's Breakfast )))

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Pancake "Cake-pie"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancake "Cake-pie"

Step 1

Need some ready-made pancakes. I have a form 18 cm, small, took only 5 pancakes.
Everyone has their own recipe of pancakes. In any case, give one of their own.
Beat eggs with salt and sugar, still whisking, three to four passes to enter the warm water, the foam must be very rich.
Soda repay in yogurt, then enter half the yogurt, half of the flour, still whisking, then the rest of the yogurt and flour, stir to avoid lumps, add butter, once again briefly to mix well, put on 30 minutes.
Bake the normal and usual way for you, crepes.

Step 2

For the filling, ham, cheese and boiled egg to RUB on a large grater, add the paprika, optional bell pepper, peas or corn.

Step 3

On the pancake to spread a thin layer of the filling and roll tube

Step 4

So to wrap up several pancakes, depending on the shape.
I took the form of a cupcake with a hole inside, but can be plain round, laying rolls of pancakes in a spiral.

Step 5

to fill I took this creamy cheese flavored with pickled cucumbers, if you take the usual, cucumbers, you can add in the stuffing, it turns out very juicy and tasty.

Step 6

beat eggs, add mustard, salt, pepper, spices as desired, stir, add the flour and again mix well.
Cheese mixed with eggs in a homogeneous mass.

Step 7

On the bottom of the form pour a little of the cheese mixture.

Step 8

Cheese mixture spread rolls of pancakes.

Step 9

For the pancake rolls again pour a little bit of filling and put another layer of rolls, pour all the remaining cheese batter and bake for 25-35 minutes at 180 degrees.
If you do in a regular round shape in a single layer, then pour the batter a little on the bottom, lay the rolls, spinning in a spiral, also not tight, clutching to each other, pour the entire cheese filling and bake.

Step 10

To give the cake to stand in the form of gently out.