Salted salmon

74 - 15 минут -

This fish is special to me is valuable. So it salted my dad my whole life, I was taught, I daughter. Sort of "family values". Fish salted for 2-3 hours, really salted and I don't remember even once that she "stayed" not what's in the fridge, and even on the table. No matter how much people consumed all at once to the ground. Yesterday was no exception.

Ingredients for Salted salmon

Step by step instruction of cooking Salted salmon

Шаг 1

Carve a piece of filet, I prefer to take pieces closer to the tail, this time the tail got, they better keep the shape of the piece. With leather not removable.

Шаг 2

And here she is, dressed, on the feast came to us. Cut very well sharpened knife, "stacking" under a small corner to the fish, so it turns out the wide slices, as you know, a great piece and mouth happy.
Serve, optional fresh cucumbers, I really like "sandwich" with salad and pickle, well, a Holy thing, lemon.