Snack "ladybug"

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Very delicate and airy snack, thanks for the decorating idea, best and MAYA.

Ingredients for Snack "ladybug"

Step by step instruction of cooking Snack "ladybug"

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Soak the gelatine in 60 ml of water to swell. Cover the bowl with cling film.
Two tomatoes cut into thin slices and cover the bottom.

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The rest of the tomatoes cut into small cubes, put in separate bowl. There also add corn, chopped eggs and salami.

Cream cheese whipped with 50 ml of cream, a little salt and pepper, then, continuing to whisk, add the remaining cream, whisk until fluffy. Try on salt if necessary - it needs more salt.

Melt gelatin in the microwave for 12 seconds. Whipping weight, add gelatin. Mix with sliced products, gently put the mix in a bowl not to move the tomatoes.

Flatten and sprinkle with croutons, lightly compacted and close the film ends, put on 2 hours in the refrigerator.

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To remove, open the foil and flip gently onto a plate.
Garnish with chopped onions and olives, or Your choice!

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Bon appetit!