Pumpkin amaranth porridge

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Amaranth seeds pleasantly crackled, and the banana flavor made my morning memorable! Once in the store I caught the eye of amaranth, so I decided to try it. For the first time has not caused any emotions, then I guess I didn't really have a taste. But now I love it. I think the combination of pumpkin and banana flavor of these "seed of the Incas" can be a great to Supplement. But the benefits of this cereal once again and can not speak. So I invite you to look :).

for Lent

Ingredients for Pumpkin amaranth porridge

Step by step instruction of cooking Pumpkin amaranth porridge

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So, here are the main ingredients for our cereals. Pumpkins can take more or less. I like pumpkin porridge pumpkins were many :)).

Pumpkin clean and cut into arbitrary pieces, put them into a saucepan, pour a little water and then boil it.
Package amaranth has been said before cooking, soak the seeds for 3 hours, but I just washed and filled with boiling water.

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When the pumpkin becomes softer (after 5-7 minutes) in a saucepan, crush with a pestle.

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With soaked amaranth seeds to drain the water and cover them in a saucepan with pumpkin. Pour water, mix and again bring to boil. Cook over low heat for about 20 minutes.
Towards the end of cooking you can add in the porridge of your favorite spices to the pumpkin. I love the combination of pumpkin and cinnamon.

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After the porridge is cooked, turn off the heat. Peel banana, put in a pan with porridge and also mash with a potato masher. Of course, you can kill it in the blender, but I love to feel the pieces. Also at this stage I added the raisins.