Salt-free sauerkraut on the Field Bragg

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There are things that produce a revolution in consciousness, and this recipe for sauerkraut without salt, changed my idea about this dish. This recipe is Paul Bragg took the people of the Mediterranean, and in 90 and 100 years old looked much younger, was strong and healthy. We now have in the family every day on the table the cabbage. These are the words of the Field, Bragg, "the Salt of health – sauerkraut without salt"!

Ingredients for Salt-free sauerkraut on the Field Bragg

Step by step instruction of cooking Salt-free sauerkraut on the Field Bragg

Шаг 1

Prepared spices: I had whole seeds, I crushed them, added the shredded seaweed and garlic powder (you can buy in the store).

Шаг 2

Added spices to the cabbage with carrots and all is well mixed, thoroughly rubbing the spices into the cabbage. Well, if cabbage will give juice.

In three-liter jars (previously well washed and dried)lay the Kale. To establish need very closely, pressing well with your hands and a rolling pin. The Bank does not lay completely, and keep away from the edge 8-10 cm. Then, with a rolling pin I made a hole in the middle to the bottom, to had good juice. Added water cold bottled up to the edge. Put cargo and covered with gauze and in a warm place.

When the process of fermentation, the cabbage water will absorb, you need to add to edge or Vice versa, will pour into the pan, I collected the juice and poured back in when needed. It took me 3 days to completely cabbage and objects.

It is indescribably delicious. Very useful. Especially now, when it comes to winter.