Tea made from pine needles and rose hips

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In these winter days can be prepared vitamin tea of pine needles and dried rose hips! The drink is light, useful and with an interesting taste! For the first brewing it is advisable to take a smaller number of needles, not to get too resinous taste!

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Ingredients for Tea made from pine needles and rose hips

Step by step instruction of cooking Tea made from pine needles and rose hips

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Pine needles collected from young branches, at home it must be rinsed with water.
You can brew fresh from the needles, and the remainder dry. This tea is prepared from dried pine needles.

Take a handful of dried pine needles, approximately 5 g,
and 10 pieces of dried rose hips.
Optionally, the number of hips can be increased, this will enhance the taste and make it more saturated the color of the drink.

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Dried pine needles a little grind with a knife. For first cooking, it is advisable to take 1 tablespoon of pine needles, to the finished tea to adjust the pine taste.

Fresh pine needles can crush that there was a strong pine taste. Take her in the amount of 0.7-1 tbsp

Making tea the classic way:
rinse the thermos with boiling water, place the rose hips, pine needles and pour 1 liter of boiling water.
Optionally, add the peel of Mandarin. Nothing to add, will also be good. Close the lid and allow to infuse for 3-4 hours.

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Before use, strain through a sieve.
Vitamin tea is ready!

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For a quick tea boil only pine needles. Not to get overly resinous taste of the drink, fresh pine needles, you can not grind.
For the first time in the teapot placed 0.7 tbsp of pine needles (in the future, you can 1 tbsp or to taste) and add 0.5 liters of boiling water. Allow to infuse for 30 minutes.

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Then strain through a sieve, and you can try! The drink appears pine taste, but the color of the water is almost unchanged!

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So you can add the taste of cranberries, the cranberries, other berries or jam. I added the raw cranberries, mashed with sugar.