Manpar at home

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Manpar is ranty, dumplings of unleavened dough cooked in a rich meat sauce-waj's with vegetables. Very common in Central Asia the dish. You can call it a version of lagman when the noodles pull no need. Delicious, hearty and flavorful. I sometimes cook it so it's easier at home.

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Ingredients for Manpar at home

Step by step instruction of cooking Manpar at home

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Meat cut small cubes and fry in hot oil in a deep skillet, a cauldron or wok. Utensils should be spacious and thick-walled.

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Shinkovanny add onion, fry until gold. Add the tomato paste, to warm up. Pour the broth ( boiling water) – two liters at the time. Leave to cook on slow fire until almost cooked meat.

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Root vegetables peel and cut. Potato cubes are larger, and the carrots and radish – smaller. Dipped in the broth the potatoes and cook until soft, then add the carrots.

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The last to lay the radish and jusi. Here I jusa not met, but in Transbaikalia grows wild onion manger similar to jusi. I have it salted and frozen. And I often use. In the absence of such exotic herbs put green onion and garlic to taste. After boiling, add salt to taste and add brown rice vinegar. Or a simple 6% table. And a little sugar.

Шаг 5

Fresh dough, mix the egg a little softer than the dumplings, roll into a sausage, flattening it out and gather the dough into small pieces. In the classic version, manpur cooked separately, ready oiled and when serving put in a deep Cup and pour sauce wagu. Yes, put on top the sliced eggs.

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And at home is possible and easier I roll, manpur directly into the broth and cook all together for a couple of minutes. Run, manbar chopped greens, celery, parsley, cilantro, pour sugarstring pepper and coriander seeds and let stand, covered 15 minutes.

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To serve, manpur hot in deep bowls or CES. Manpar on the first or second is not divided, so just adjust thickness to your preference. And let you be delicious!