Honey puffs with prunes

98 - 30 минут 6 порции

Very gentle, lush, fragrant and delicious donuts! Simple ingredients, are quick (you can make dough in the evening!), and the result is just gorgeous! Morning tea or coffee is simply gorgeous Breakfast! Have to taste and children and adults. Come for tea and crumpets!

for Easter

Ingredients for Honey puffs with prunes

Step by step instruction of cooking Honey puffs with prunes

Шаг 1

This recipe is very versatile, you can make dough in the evening, remove in the fridge and in the morning there will be only bake muffins and submitted to tea.
In a bowl pour the flour, yeast

Шаг 2

Add the eggs, honey and yogurt (the yogurt and the flour to measure one Cup),

Шаг 3

Stir the batter and add the chopped dice the prunes (which I did not immediately mixed with the dough),
we remove our bowl overnight in the refrigerator

Шаг 4

In the morning take the dough, stir and you get this result

Шаг 5

These muffins bake better in a small frying pan or bake small in size.
The pan well to heat, make the heat is below average (I have the 9 divisions was baked for 4), the dough is visually divided into 3 parts, put the dough into the pan, leveling it with a spoon.

Шаг 6

Bake on each side for 2-3 minutes, immediately under the lid

Шаг 7

And only the second side to bake under the lid, in both cases they are baked

Шаг 8

Hot chick spread on the dish, apply a liberal amount of yogurt/sour cream and sprinkle with sugar to taste,

Шаг 9

Later donuts to stack on top of each other the pile, also lubricating the sour cream/yogurt, sprinkling with sugar it turns a sort of cake.
On request the top can be decorated with anything, I sprinkled with grated dark chocolate.

Шаг 10

Warm crumpets and serve immediately, cutting them into portions like a cake. Pour hot tea and a great Breakfast you provided!