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The traditional meal was of wheat, with a deep Christian meaning. The recipe is addressing to the believers who follow religious holidays, fasts and traditions. Coliva be sprinkled and eaten on Friday, the first sedmitsy of lent, when honored the memory of the great Martyr Theodore of Tyrone. In Greece Koleva decided to highlight and give and the greatest funeral Saturday and in the days of remembrance of the departed. Despite the simplicity, Koleva incredibly tasty treat! I want to show you how to prepare Koleva in Greece, according to all the traditions. The only negative - the right coliva is preparing not for one day. Let Koleva was ready on Saturday morning, preparations start with Thursday night... stop by if interested!

Ingredients for Koleva

Step by step instruction of cooking Koleva

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The first day in the evening viewed the wheat, wash and fill with water, estealam for the night. In the morning drain off the water. In a pan put the wheat, fill it with cold water, add Bay leaf and cook. After boiling, cook on medium heat until soft. It will require a few hours. Once slightly softened wheat add salt and cook until the grains open. At this stage the wheat is ready drain off the water. Wash wheat under running water to clean up all the slime.

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The next and very important point - the wheat has to be dry if left wet, Koleva will emit water, it will be not only aesthetically pleasing, but dangerous. Koleva quickly deteriorate-will sour. Spread the wheat on a cotton towel and leave for a day, occasionally stirring it. You may need a second dry towel.

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Prepare the remaining ingredients. Walnuts chopped.

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Sesame dry pan until yellowish color, allow to cool, then grind in a flour mill or a mortar.

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Cookies grind into flour. As I wrote, you can use breadcrumbs.

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Almonds! It is better to take purified. I got almonds, "winking", to clean you must put it in boiling water for a few minutes, after which the skin is removed very quickly.

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Almonds dry the pan and chop with a knife.

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In the evening of the second day, when the wheat dried up, starting to get Koleva. In a deep form put wheat, almonds, walnuts, half of sesame flour, chopped dried parsley, pomegranate, cinnamon, cloves, dried raisins, half of the biscuits and all mix well.

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Even out the surface, primina. Sprinkle top of the thousands of cookies (biscuits), then sesame flour, then sugar and top liberally sprinkle all with icing sugar. Decorate with raisins, pomegranate or sugar plum. Traditionally, lay out the cross, and everything else depends on the imagination.