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Came in on a Saturday the husband from the street and said the magic words: the former site of the café, next to the house, opened Soblazna. And immediately joined "podarochnaja memory": the beginning of the 2000s: summer, heat, sun, in Moscow poke of summer cafes, we are free, young, to put in the country, we-the feast of disobedience. Go where we like, do what you want, about her husband's work was a tent cafe where they served one dish and called it "Gyros". Although, in fact, it was Gyros. Also a Greek dish but prepare it differently. And home usloviyakh almost impossible to do, because it is cooked on a vertical spit and is a kind of a kind of middle Eastern Shawarma. The children grew up and escaped from the greyness and bad weather in the "bounty". And I decided that it is not a sin for the youth to remember. I invite You to go "on the waves of my memory". We are waiting for all lovers of meat, vegetables, simple but tasty dishes

for 23rd of February

Ingredients for Souvlaki

Step by step instruction of cooking Souvlaki

Шаг 1

Prepare the marinade for the meat: in a container, which will marinate meat, pour 3 tablespoons olive oil REFINED for cooking, squeeze the juice from the lemon, add the spices, salt and whisk all with a fork or whisk until a homogeneous emulsion. Meat cut in a small cube somewhere 2.5*2.5 cm, put the meat in the marinade and mix well with your hands, rubbing the marinade into the meat. In the process we have a few pork turns white, everything is normal, the reaction with the lemon juice, so the process has begun. Set aside for 50-60 minutes in a warm place so the meat marinated, and saturated with aromas and taste of spice. In fact, meat all.

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The meat is marinated, strung it on skewers that are sent on a grill pan, in oven, in microwave under the grill, in the grill, or just pan, that is available. If you roast meat in the oven or aerogrill, soak in water, or on request, dry white wine, in advance of the skewers so that they are not burned in the cooking process and not let things "derailed". In all other cases this is not happening and soaking is not required. Pork requires long cooking 5-7 minutes on each side - enough that it was cooked and became soft, while remaining juicy

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While dogadivaetsya potatoes, heat the pita, spread it on a dish, pita and kebabs, to all the juice from them soaked into bread and no kapelewski not lost, put the potatoes served separately sauce and salad.