Bean-noodle soup

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This light soup is great to warm and fill you up in winter.

Ingredients for Bean-noodle soup

Step by step instruction of cooking Bean-noodle soup

Шаг 1

Beans pour cold water and leave at least 4 hours. Then drain the water, rinse the beans, pour clean water and boil until soft. Strain the beans in a sieve to drain excess water.
I used the beans Blanch from TM Mistral, cooked it an hour.

Шаг 2

Carrots grate on a coarse grater, clean the onion.
The peas I used frozen.

Шаг 3

I cooked the soup in 1.5 litre saucepan.
Smoked chicken legs and cover with cold water, put the onion, bring to boil, reduce the heat, add the boiled beans. Add the carrots (you want the carrots to fry).

Шаг 4

After 20 minutes remove the legs, separate the meat from the bones, return the meat to the broth and add the peas. Boil for 5 minutes (if peas are fresh, cook for 10 minutes). Onion remove.
Add noodles, boil for 1 minute, season with salt to taste. I used a flavored salt with garlic and herbs.
To remove the fire.
Let the soup to infuse for 7-10 minutes and serve.