Salad "the Minds of the boom"

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Umami (jap. 旨 619; umami, "pleasant taste") — flavor high-protein substances produced in the independent, the fifth taste. This is a simple recipe for a hearty salad which is suitable for every day and festive table. The recipe has no mayonnaise, butter or other harmful dietary products, so for those who follow the figure - fit. Salad with poached egg perfect for lunch or end the day. Quite juicy and tasty by itself, without any dressing or sauce.

Ingredients for Salad "the Minds of the boom"

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Mushrooms cut and fry in a dry pan to evaporate the released liquids. Suitable champignon and the oyster mushroom. Add salt before removing from heat.

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Boiled chicken cool and cut into medium-sized strips.

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Remove a few beautiful leaves from the Chinese cabbage before cutting them and leave them for the filing of the salad.

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Shred the cabbage along with herbs. The best fit dill, but you can choose to your taste. Add a little salt and mix the fresh ingredients separately.

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On a leaf of Chinese cabbage will add a layer of meat with mushrooms. The following are the cabbage with greens and the top is decorated with a poached egg. To do this in the boiling broth after the meat, make a funnel with a whisk, as shown in the video and in the center pour in advance of the broken fresh eggs. Leave the lid on for three minutes and place on a dish of salad with a slotted spoon

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Bon appetit!