Candy a La "Mozartkugel"

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Who does not know candy Mozartkugel? These stunning chocolates with marzipan??? I suggest you make these chocolates at home. The more that they can be eaten fasting, vegans and vegetarians. They will not leave anyone indifferent! If you want to pamper your family, this recipe is for You!

for Lent

Ingredients for Candy a La "Mozartkugel"

Step by step instruction of cooking Candy a La "Mozartkugel"

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Take the nuts. If the nuts are raw - roast, if necessary, clean. (Hazelnut I already been roasted. The almonds I roasted on a dry pan on low heat for about 5-7 minutes. Pistachios just cleared. It is advisable to take salted pistachios.) I want to say that you can use blanched almonds (more traditional version), with him the taste of candy is more delicate. I like the slight bitterness of the peel, so I left it.

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To make the pistachio marzipan. First add in the blender (preferably use a powerful blender, then mass is much smoother) pistachios and almonds. Grind for 3-5 minutes to release oils. Then add the additives (honey and lemon zest) and turn on the blender for 30 seconds. Then knead "dough" with hands for 2-3 minutes. In the same way to make a marzipan (crushed almonds and then add almond extract and honey). (sorry, photo of the usual marzipan is not made : (

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Make a chocolate nougat. In a blender grind the hazelnuts. At this time, in the microwave or in a water bath melt cocoa butter. Add cocoa powder and cane sugar, mix thoroughly.

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Add this mixture and the honey to the hazelnut and turn on the blender for another 30 seconds. Knead "dough".

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Now from each of these 3 balls tseplyaet the same number of balls. Since I was making half the portions I made 20 balls of each test. First, take a ball of pistachio marzipan, wrap it in the usual marzipan. And the last layer is chocolate nougat. Give a ball shape.

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At this time, in the microwave or in a water bath melt the chocolate and cocoa butter, mix thoroughly.

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Pinned our balls on skewers (toothpick) and dip in chocolate glaze. It is best to put the skewers vertically to the candy hardened. Then the candy is removed from the skewers. If desired, the resulting hole can be filled with frosting.