Pate "Calf tenderness"

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I think the liver is very well combined with buckwheat, I've heard that even those who are not particularly fond of buckwheat. So I decided to try to make her pate.

Ingredients for Pate "Calf tenderness"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pate "Calf tenderness"

Шаг 1

Onion cut into cubes and fry in butter until translucent. Then add the liver and cream, salt. Simmer 12-15 minutes.

Шаг 2

Put the livers in the container in which it will grind.

Шаг 3

Using a blender grind liver, add the buckwheat, butter and grind again. If you want buckwheat was smaller, you can chop it separately with oil, and then add to the liver.

Шаг 4

Spread on plastic wrap and form a sausage. Refrigerate, or for a couple of hours in the freezer (longer is not necessary).

Шаг 5

After the refrigerator, cut and serve. If you do it for yourself, you can just put in the jar, I with the rest of the pate did:)
The pate was very tasty, rich liver taste, but a bit unusual, and buckwheat in an explicit form is not felt. One word - "calf tenderness")))
Bon appetit!