Fitness cocktail coconut bran

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VERY vitamin cocktail it turned out! The composition of oat bran, which contain natural fiber, minerals and vitamins b and E. in cocktails coconut, parsley, etc. He will support our bodies during Great lent, when at the end of the stock is useful, but we need strength both mental and physical! In addition, it will help prepare for the summer season to those who are watching their weight. I suggest to prepare this cocktail, as soon as possible!

for Lent

Ingredients for Fitness cocktail coconut bran

Step by step instruction of cooking Fitness cocktail coconut bran

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Prepare a bunch of useful products for fitness cocktail.
You can take herbs according to your taste.
Everyone knows about the beneficial properties of bran. I used oat bran from TM Mistral recommended by experts on healthy eating.
The benefits of parsley, citrus fruits, pumpkin, honey and lettuce know.
But the benefits of coconut I want to talk a little bit.
Speaking about the benefits of coconut flesh, it should be noted that in the Mature state it contains a high concentration of folic acid, b vitamins, choline, and vitamins PP, C, K and E. Besides, it contains: iron (2.5 mg); copper (435 mg); potassium (356 mg); phosphorus (113 mg); selenium (10 mcg). In lesser concentrations can be found in fruits and calcium, magnesium, sodium, manganese and zinc. In addition, the fruit is rich in fatty acids that enable to extract from the pulp of coconut oil. The residents of the countries where this fruit grows a very long time, often use coconuts for getting rid of many ailments. It was noticed that the population of the places where coconut is a staple food, rarely amazed serious infectious and parasitic diseases. So, the flesh is used to treat diarrhea and poisoning, he was preparing a decoction for treating ear pain. It is known that regular consumption of this product helps to improve metabolism, increased health, increased concentration and focus. Also coconut is an excellent preventative measure of atherosclerosis, cleanses and normalizes the entire digestive system. The use of coconut for the body lies in the individual use of its components. So, his shell can be used as activated carbon, and if it to burn, the resulting ash copes with skin inflammations and ulcers. (info collected online)
Can you IMAGINE?!

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Perhaps all you know how to carve a coconut. But I want to show you how I handle it.
To begin with I still my. Then placed in the package, held in the hand. Tap it FROM ALL SIDES with a hammer (I think all are at home "favorite" hammer). Without sounding bigotry, before the appearance of cracks on the coconut took me one minute.

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Usually crack the top shell, remove it. Sometimes try too hard and the juice begins to flow through the cracks in the flesh, be sure to merge it (got about 100 ml), and then continue to remove the shell, or it divides itself into several parts.
You see in the photo, I have some coconut left in the shell, without any effort need to be cut with a knife along the nut from the inside to the edge.

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And so cut into slices, they obediently removed along with a soft inner crust.
Then these slices should be clean, as we clean the potatoes.
Very quickly it all turns out, the main thing is be careful with the knife.
I cleared one quarter of the coconut, cut into smaller pieces and sent to the blender followed by the juice.
Although called "coconut milk", but it is usually in very ripe coconuts, I always come across with juice.

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Now all this beauty to kill a blender, add honey and bran if You have mint, add some leaves, again to break a blender until smooth,

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and you can drink useful cocktail time convenient to You.
-Approximately 400 ml. If You like a more liquid smoothie, add more juice or boiled water. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste.
The delicate color of the cocktail is similar to the first spring greens!